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Dental Sterilization Standards Infection Prevention

Dental Sterilization Standards

Department of Health - Health Technical Memorandum 01-05: Decontamination in primary care dental practices

What is HTM 01-05?

In 2009 the Department of Health introduced the standard HTM 01-05 with the aim of raising the quality of decontamination of instrumentation in primary care dental services to reduce possible infections because of concerns about iatrogenic transmission of vCJD and other unconventional disease initiators.

What does HTM 01-05 mean to you?

In order to comply with HTM 01-05 dentists will be required to effectively clean and sterilise all instruments and procedure equipment after dental procedures. The HTM is currently a recommendation. From 2011 the Care Quality Commission will be using it as an audit document in which to assess dentists" suitability for registration as healthcare providers.

How 3M can help you comply to HTM 01-05

HTM 01-05 recommends the use of:

  • A daily Bowie & Dick test for vacuum sterilizers (type B) (a type of sterilizer the HTM expects dentists to use)
  • A weekly protein test to demonstrate the efficacy of manual and automated cleaning processes

To help meet dental sterilization standards, 3M offers the following products:

3M™ Comply™ Disposable Bowie and Dick Type Test Packs (1300)

The Bowie & Dick test is carried out daily in an empty chamber after a warm up cycle and is designed to detect air leaks, inadequate air removal and steam penetration for vacuum steam sterilizers.

The 1300 Comply disposable Bowie & Dick type autoclave packs are compact, efficient and easy to use. They are developed for use in vacuum type (B) sterilizers.

Clean-Trace™ Protein Test

Clean-Trace is a very simple and effective residual protein test – a simple, self-contained swab that can be read visually using a colour change.

Clean-Trace protein test assesses the cleanliness of surgical instruments after cleaning and prior to sterilization and can detect small amounts of protein such as blood or body tissue, verifying the efficacy of the washing process. After swabbing the instrument the test is incubated for 15 mins at 55°C. If the swab remains green the instrument was clean.

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